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Nature-based Learning
Club for Families

Experiences that nurture our understanding of the world


We are a group of engaged families who have come together to form a private education association. Our desire is to raise our children with a deep appreciation for nature, which is at the heart of all of our learning programs. 

We have created a space where our members can gather, with their children, to support and to nurture imagination and passion. Our vision is to support members to feel a deeper sense of connection with nature, which is at the core of our thinking and shared values.

Everything begins with membership into the association. Why you might ask? Because we are a private membership association, which is run by its members. This is not a commercial business, nor is it intended to compete with traditional educational programming. We are a small group of conscientious families, who have come together to enrich ourselves and our children with programs that are aligned with our shared values and beliefs. 

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