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About Wild Roots

We are a group of engaged families who have come together to create a special learning environment for ourselves and our children. 

What We Do

We created a space where our families can gather to foster imagination, inspiration and a deep appreciation of nature. A place to develop to our true potential. A place where every person is respected, honored and allowed to express their passion and individuality.


Why do we do this?

We want our members to understand what it is to be human. Where they can tune into a deeper sense of being. We want to nurture our innate human ability to observe and listen.

Our Mission

To create a supportive community of families driven by common purpose. We prioritize the healthy development and well being of members through our natural surroundings. With mutual respect, trust, and cooperation; we inspire each other to learn through the wisdom of nature. Our purpose is to promote a sense of belonging for members to thrive and grow together.

Our Vision

At WILD ROOTS we are creating a space where our members and our members' children can explore their imagination and passions. A learning environment where everyone is respected, heard and comfortable expressing their inherent nature.


We envision a space where imagination is the inspiration for growth. A place where everyone develops to their fullest and truest potential. A place where everyone is honored and allowed to express their passion and individuality.


WILD ROOTS was seeded with a set of questions: How do we help the development of an environment where all the senses of the members are stimulated? How do we create a space where members acquire a deep sense of BEING? How do we nurture members to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them? How do we assist members in discovering a clear-eyed confidence in themselves and the role they have in society?


All these questions guide us to the core that runs through all of our activities: Caring. Caring is an important word for us. Through caring for ourselves, each other, everything that we plant, even the things we do, we are heightening our awareness and understanding. We are honoring the cultivation of a deeper awareness. We are supporting our ourselves and our children to feel sensitized to the world they are part of. To feel connected to themselves and their contact with others.


We want members to understand what it is to be human. By focusing on building relationships with our natural surroundings, we are supported to better understand the subtlety of tuning into our environment. We learn how to stand back, observe and listen. The ability to observe and listen is core to our members’ development. 


This connects directly to food. When the children grow it, they experience the entire lifecycle, soil to gut. There is something profound about giving children practical life skills. Showing them how to take care of the land, grow their own food and prepare it to eat. We offer our members and our members' children a holistic approach to life and learning.


When we listen and tune in with our environment, we bring it directly into our lives. The WILD ROOTS of a tree are diverse, strong, deeply connected and resilient. At WILD ROOTS we are creating the foundation for our members and our members' children to develop and grow.

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